Beth Zombie

I am a 9-5 graphic designer whose “hobbies” include rocking out in bands (where I can be found singing and playing guitar, bass or ukulele) and creating my own mixed media art.


A self-defined “pop culture whore” I love anything kitschy, tacky, wild and wacky – I get a kick out of bad taste. I like to poke fun at convention and have a sarcstic, dark sense of humor that often comes out in my artwork.


My favorite art is that of outsider and folk artists – untrained craft persons who use recycled and found items to create something new.


I don't hide the fact that I am often inspired by other artists — but I find ways to recycle ideas and make them my own.


My art includes Barbie stuff, silkscreening Jesus on American cheese slices, making pussies out of bubblegum, and quirky assemblages. I love to incorporate my love for punk rock and music into my artwork as well.


My litterboxes were a riff off an idea by a NY artist who proved that with the right package design, you can sell garbage. I thought it was funny and wanted to do the same thing with some trashy San Francisco events. I like to think of it as historical preservation!


My cuddle zombies are inspired by Undead Teds... but I’ve expanded snuggle time beyond Teddy Bears.


I have some slogans/designs up on a site, Society 6, that sells a variety of products for artists. They aren’t cheap, but the products they sell are high-quality. (For the record, I only get a few bucks per any item sold. Bascially I just post things that I want to order for myself and think others might dig too.)


Most of my art featured on this site has been gifted or sold, but I am always working on new projects. If you see something you like or are curious about a commission, hit me up!


Thanks for visiting and remember, as poet and author Cesar Cruz says, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable!” As long as I’m alive and kickin’, I’ll be working on that.




Check out my Beth Zombie Art Blog


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Other sites/blogs I do:

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